Gala Superheroines “Wysokie Obcasy” 2017

On 16th of April 2018 Ambassador of Kyoto Protocol, Katarzyna Michniewska and Artur Chamski took part in Wysokie Obcasy Gala “Superheroines of the year”, which took place in Studio Theatre. Both Katarzyna Michniewska and Artur Chamski were present at the event due to their engagement in environmental protection. Not only do they aim at improving state of the environment with their everyday attitude but also they support all kinds of activity that can positively influence the environment. Among the laureates there were e.g. Martyna Wojciechowska, traveler for whom the beauty of the world is one of priorities and motivators for actions and Wiola Smul, ecologist who devoted her work to Białowieża Forest’s protection.

Gala Superbohaterki "Wysokich Obcasów" 2017

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Translated by Anna Koike

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