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He supports many non-governmental organizations. He is particularly active in the Sarcoma Association activities, of which he has been a Board Member since 2016. The Association was established in 2007 to, among other things, promote the treatment of cancer, including sarcomas, carry out activities to provide all medical and legal assistance to sarcoma patients and their families, and to support the protection of the rights of sarcoma patients and their families. The association also conducts activities of an educational and training nature to bring cancer-related issues to the public, and establishes contacts with similar institutions and organizations at home and abroad.

In addition, he is personally testing an innovative bone cancer drug.


She also supports such organizations as the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Ewa Blaszczyk’s “Akogo” Foundation, Prof. Religa’s Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages and many others.

For many years she managed the Eko Cykl Corporate Foundation, within the framework of which she organized a number of charitable actions such as funding an elementary school in Ghana, annual charity bales and auctions, from which the funds raised were donated to worthy causes.

She actively supports the idea of Zero Waste, cares about animal rights, human dignity in the Digital Era, and above all, strives to promote the best solutions to support the environmental health of people on earth.