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Economic science specialist (PhD) in the field of management science, specializes in closed loop supply chain. For many years she has been studying relation between creation of new business models and waste management in the context of sustainable development.

Supervisory Board Member of Polish Chamber of Waste Management (PIGO), member of Closed Loop Supply Chain international team, organizer and author of many initiatives connected with Zero- Waste concept and circular economy, e.g. international conferences “Reverse Logistics”.

Partner of Positive Influence Enterprise Research Center, Enterprise and Business Ethics Department, Leon Koźmiński Academy.

Author of numerous publications in Poland and abroad

Participation in international and national scientific conferences

Organizing 3<sup>rd</sup> edition of the International Conference Reverse Logistics

Resource-efficiency of supply chain thanks to reverse logistics, 18-19th of June 2013,  Wroclaw

Organizing 1<sup>st</sup> edition of the International Conference Reverse Logistics

Packaging, 17-18th of March 2011, Warsaw

Organizing 5<sup>th</sup> edition of the International Conference Reverse Logistics

Packaging, Ecological life of waste – LCA, 16-17th of June 2015, Wroclaw

Collection of Katarzyna Michniewska’s articles in the trade press

Reverse Logistics no 1/2017 (22), p. 58-64

„Analysis of raw material’s  prices in Poland in 2016”

Reverse Logistics no 3/2016 (20), p. 20-26

„Specifity of closed loop supply chain management in food industry”

Reverse Logistics no 3/2016 (20), p. 13-19

Role of the sharing economy in reaching environmental objections of European Union – new business models in closed loop supply chain (SSC/CLSC)

Reverse Logistics 18/2016

Analysis of raw material’s prices in Poland in 2015

Difin Publishing company published joint publication „Resource-efficiency in Poland, influence of efficient reverse logistics on creating circular economy”

„Code of Good Practises in municipal waste management” is a compendium in the field of municipal waste management in commune.

A book „Reverse Logistics in the packaging” was created as a result of research on the added value created from recovery and recycling of the packaging waste in the supply chain.

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