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On 5th of March 2018 at 4:30 PM, Katarzyna Michniewska was the guest of the “Radio Dla Ciebie” program about waste management, recycling and zero waste concept.
Katarzyna Michniewska explained to the audience what kind of threat is posed to mandkind by environment pollution. Using the example of huge waste island on the Pacific Ocean she explained, how plastic from oceans gets into the environment and reaches also people, influencing their health.

She also indicated currently applied solutions to this issue. For example, in Kyoto waste paper is not selectively collected and delivered to recycling centers but is collected by the inhabitants and used as precious raw material.

Katarzyna Michniewska emphasized that problem of increasing waste amount is connected with level of society’s awareness and ecological culture and that the final recipient has the biggest influence on the environmental protection. It is the consumer who mainly controls the demand. This is why demand for products made from raw materials would result in designing easily recyclable products and packaging.

She also presented the latest Polish regulations regarding waste segregation, including requirement of registration in waste database for those who deal with waste and regulations connected with so-called recycling fee, payed in shops for disposable plastic bags.


Translated by Anna Koike

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