Dr Katarzyna Michniewska – Ambassador of „Do You Kyoto?”

On 28th of May 2018 mayor of Kyoto, mr Daisaku Kadokawa bestowed upon dr Katarzyna Michniewska, as the first person outside Japan, the title of Ambassador of “Do You Kyoto?”. As a place of signing Kyoto Protocol, the city enjoys unspotted reputation of leader of environmental protection and eco-friendly lifestyle.

“Do You Kyoto?” is a catch-phrase of campaign with message “Are you doing something positive for the environment?”. To promote eco-friendly lifestyle, the city organizes various events like monthly “no my car day” or “light down” (a request to turn off all outdoor lights throughout the Kyoto region). Dr Katarzyna Michniewska, playing a role of the campaign’s Ambassador, will be spreading values of Kyoto Protocol and Kyoto city in Poland and abroad.

The official visit at the mayor’s office was preceded by ecological fair “Live! Do You Kyoto?”, which took place on 27th of May 2018. It is a cyclic event organized by the city, promoting ideas of “Do You Kyoto?” campaign, encouraging artists and society to engage themselves in activities on environmental protection.


Translated by Anna Koike

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